Written by the Managing director of Mitsol, the Umhlanga-based voice, data and internet connectivity specialist.

Put the letters ‘G’ and ‘T’ together and we have the winning formula for a well-known and commonly enjoyed tipple. So is there a similarly magic formula for telecommunications for your company? Can this formula work for everything from a SOHO (small office, home office), to a booming enterprise or a multinational corporation?

Well I would like to proffer that the simplest and most effective telecommunications solution for your company comprises three ‘Cs and a T’, or putting it into a formula, this is ‘3C&T’.

The three Cs for telecommunications in business are Connectivity, Continuity and Cost:

Connectivity centres on providing high-speed, high-reliability services to business premises. Voice, data and video are the staples of any modern business. These services can be delivered over fibre or wireless systems, using the globally standardised IP (Internet Protocol) and the ubiquitous Ethernet network protocol presentation. Optical fibre is well known for high-speed, while wireless is known for speed of deployment and flexibility. In many cases, it makes good sense to use both fibre and wireless media so that one system can back up the other.

Continuity is about ensuring that your business services are always available, and being prepared to survive any disruptive incident with little or no impact. IT has become integral to every business and so many components have become ‘mission critical’ – just try a day without phones, e-mail or access to the Internet and you’ll soon agree. Enabled by the connectivity, cloud services ensure the integrity and availability of software services and content: off-site storage, virus filtering and virtual machines are just a few of the many elements of business continuity.

Cost is always a factor in any business, and the connectivity and continuity components do come at a price. This is an area where prudent choices must be made and the lowest cost is rarely the best choice. Value for money and reduced risk to the company should be the cornerstones of decision-making for these services.
Well what is the ‘T’ for? The overriding factor here is Trust – knowing that your system is well specified and designed, built using the highest standards and recognised best-practices, with knowledgeable support staff on hand and a competent known person being only a call away.

So when you next mull over your company’s future over a well-earned G&T, remember the 3C&T when considering who to work with to support your business and brand.
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The managing director of Mitsol, says the formula for successful business telecommunications must contain excellent Connectivity, Continuity, Cost and Trust. Mitsol has invested heavily in technology to offer cost-effective connectivity options from Durban to Umhlanga, Ballito, Highway, PMB and the Midlands. The company also has access to thousands of kilometres of underground fibre, which it “lights” to bring high-speed, reliable broadband and Internet connectivity to many homes and businesses in KZN.

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