You have placed your order for ResiNet Fibre, now what?

Although budgeting for a new monthly expense can be stressful, we DO NOT encourage you to cancel your internet services before going live on your new network. There are instances whereby an ISP may suspend an account within hours from date of cancellation, which can create a major inconvenience to you.

If you reside in premises that are rented or governed by a body corporate you will need to get written consent from either the landlord or BC prior to the installation process. If Mitsol has fibred up the entire building or estate, then there will already be an agreement in place with the body corporate to install to individual residences.

The installation of the fibre involves running a fibre cable from the manhole outside your property, or distribution box within a multi-dwelling unit (MDU), through your property to the inside of your home and connecting it to the internal device called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal).

The drawings below indicate the basic planning for bringing fibre into your apartment or house (fig.1) and your building (fig.2)

ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal. This small device connects the fibre that has been wired from the outside of your premises, to your modem, inside your home. This device converts the signal transmitted via light into an electrical signal that your router understands when connected via a LAN (Local Area Network) cable.

This decision is up to you, guided by our installer’s advice. You may want to consider first how you would like to connect all the devices in your home. The ONT device will be installed against a wall, near an accessible power point (The ONT needs 220V AC power), and must be away from an area it may be damaged or knocked, like a passageway. On the pre-installation form we will ask you to draw a rough sketch of the room you have chosen, indicating your preferred place to have the ONT installed. See diagram below:

Yes. Our scheduler will contact you to book the installation and when on-site, will discuss the installation position of your fibre. Ideally, we would like to have received your sketch prior to the booking. During this site survey, the details of the installation, including drilling, trenching and wiring will be discussed with you in accordance with your sketch you would have submitted on the pre-installation form. It is important that your instructions are clear and that your concerns and preferences are addressed at this meeting. The installation, depending on the complexity of the install, may commence right away after this survey. Alternatively, a separate appointment may be booked to carry out the installation.

Depending on which ResiNet package you subscribe too will determine whether or not a Wi-fi router will be included and supplied the day of your fibre installation.

The fibre installation does not include a Wi-Fi solution throughout your premises.

Internet is a service provided to you by your Internet service provider (ISP), which is delivered to your property via a fixed line fibre connection, and this is connected into an ISP supplied router installed in your home. This router may be Wi-Fi enabled which will allow any internal Wi-Fi enabled device to access the internet.

Wi-Fi enables you to connect one device to another, wirelessly (without cables). The Wi-Fi signal in your home is distributed to your devices via a router, which enables your devices to connect to the internet via your internal Wi-Fi network, however this signal does not necessarily extend throughout your property. A technical expert from your ISP can suggest solutions to ensure that your Wi-Fi signal covers maximum area within your property, but this may require additional Wi-Fi range extenders.

For more reliable connections such as TVs, Desktops, servers etc. we suggest cabling these devices using a LAN cable into the same router.

Fibre to the home illustration

The ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and ATB (Access Termination Box) equipment remains the property of the Fibre Network Operator (FNO) and should not be removed from your premises at any time.
The benefit of this is that the FNO will, at its own cost, repair and replace faulty equipment.

If a router is supplied by ResiNet, please consult directly with our sales team as to whether or not the router remains the property of ResiNet for the duration of your connection agreement.

You will require a router that has an ethernet WAN port that plugs into the FNO’s ONT, the older ADSL routers typically don’t have this ethernet WAN port and will therefore not be compatible. You can chat with our sales team to assist you.

It is advisable that you are present for your installation, however we understand things come up and, in that case, we advise you either re-schedule, or ask someone you trust who is over the age of 18 years old to give access to your premises. Please be reminded that although a sketched pre-plan would have been submitted in your pre-installation form, your delegated representative may need to make decisions about the installation in the event that some changes arise and will need to be present for the entire duration of the installation.

An installation can take anything between 1 – 4 hours depending on the complexity of the installation.

The installer has an obligation to take appropriate care during the fibre installation. In the unlikely event the installer damages your property, you can contact our offices and a Mitsol representative will come out and assess the damage.

The installer will advise us that the fibre installation is complete and we will activate your service.

Extra, extra, read all about it…

Extra, extra, read all about it…

Your fibre service will not interfere with your Telkom landline. However, should you wish to, you can cancel your Telkom service, have your number ported to us and keep your number the same. This service is known as VoIP (voice over IP). We recommend porting your number to us which will save you having to continue paying Telkom a line rental.

In our experience our VoIP rates are really competitive and are typically about 35% cheaper than Telkom. Please request a rate structure from our sales team.

You will require a VoIP phone for this service. Please contact our sales team and they will assist you with a quotation.

Should you encounter an issue with your internet connectivity, please contact us directly and we will manage first line support.

You can contact our support team on 0861 477 477 or email support@mitsol.net