ISPA Registered

Mitsol (Pty) Ltd is a member of the Internet Service Provider’s Association (ISPA), which is South African Internet industry body not for gain.  ISPA is a voluntary organisation, representing the interests of its members.

Established on 6 June 1996, the association currently represents in excess of 150 Internet Service Providers with a diverse range of services and target markets.  Significantly the number of ISPA member’s increases almost on a monthly basis.

ISPA is represented by a management committee made up of ISPA members, elected by members at the annual general meeting.

ISPA is entirely funded by the members. A website is maintained at where a list of the members can be found.

Mitsol abides by the code of conduct set out by ISPA to ensure the South African internet is managed on a best practice code of standards, for more information please refer to the below:

The ISPA Code of Conduct is available for review here:

The ISPA Complaints procedure is available for review here:

The ISPA Take Down procedure is available for review here: Complaints may be directed to

Mitsol wishes to prevent cybercrime, promote lawful conduct and protection of children and vulnerable. For a set of resources on these topics please refer to and

For any matter related to ISPA, they may be contacted at:
PO Box 518
Tel: 010 500 1200