Hello Toti,

You’re receiving this email because you contacted us regarding Mitsol fibre Internet services in your area, and we want to keep you in the fibre loop. Backed by more than 21 years of experience, the Mitsol team is working hard to put Toti on the fibre map.

Good, Better, Best

So, the GOOD news is that we are bringing high-speed fibre to your ‘hood, and we are partnering with over 20 Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These range from some of the bigger national ISPs to several local boutique ISPs to give you lots of good deals on packages.

The BETTER news is that the groundwork of the project is progressing well. The civil work can be disruptive, and we extend our sincere thanks to the community for your understanding and patience.

And the BEST news is that we are taking pre-orders from now, to speed up the process to get your internet connectivity sorted.

Why pre-order?

Put yourself at the front of the queue! As our network build progresses through your suburb, we will start scheduling home drops to bring the required infrastructure to the homes of customers who have pre-ordered. The fibre layout is activated per suburb block, and once you have received your fibre drop into your home, your service will go live as soon as our technicians complete the final connections to your block.

You can pre-order here https://resinet.co.za/solutions/internet/ftth/

When will your service be activated?

Our infrastructure teams have been working flat-out and will continue right through December in all regions, to install the fibre infrastructure. Our goal is to have all customers connected between December and January, with some homes going live well before this. At this stage, it is difficult to give exact dates per home, but we are committed to get our customers connected ASAP. We will keep you posted with regular updates.

Does Mitsol also provide internet services?

Yes, we do, but as we are an Open Access network, we’d like you to review some of the awesome packages that our partner ISPs are selling. We also encourage you to support local, just like you are supporting us, a proudly KZN telecommunications company.

Have Any Questions?

Our Fibre To The Home FAQ document will answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding the installation of fibre to your property.