KZN fibre specialists Mitsol have invested in microtrenching technology that leaves only a small incision mark on the tar that has been excavated, and exponentially speeds up the fibre-laying process.

The process leaves zero rubble, as the slurry is replaced into the trench on top of the fibre sheath, and the resultant mark on the tar is equivalent to a neat scar left by a highly-skilled plastic surgeon after surgery on human skin.

The CEDIMA microtrencher harnesses extreme technology, using four precision diamond saw blades for accuracy. It can cut 30cm deep through asphalt or tar, creating a cut merely three cm wide.

Mitsol technician Hlanganai Makombe drives the CEDIMA CF 6020 microtrencher, while clean-up assistant Tinashe Kodzevhu ensures the surface is restored to near-pristine condition after the microtrenching is complete.

Previously, trenches were cut manually or using jack-hammers, which were slow, messy and left large residual scarring on the tar. Mitsol’s neat microtrenches, into which fibre is laid, are nearly equivalent to a small scar left by a skilled plastic surgeon.